Easpring in brief

Beijing Easpring Material Technology Co.,Ltd,( referred to:Easpring, stock code 300073) was found in 2001. Itoriginated from the SASAC management of the first batch of national innovative Central Enterprises -- Beijing General Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.
Easpring is a group company based on new energy materials R&D and production. There’re more than 750 people employed in our company. Since entering the industry of cathode materials of lithium ion batteries, Easpring has maintained a good momentum of development and become the first suppliers of domestic exports of lithium battery cathode material, Easpring also has established stable cooperation relationswith the top six lithium giant in the world , and become one of the leading enterprises in the domestic lithium battery cathode material.
After years of efforts, Easpring become public company of Growth Enterprise Market in April 2010, the only one lib cathode materials listed company. In recent years, the company expand the business field actively, and formation of the group development model. Among them, Easpring invested in Hunan Xingcheng microlite graphite Co., Ltd, entered the field of anode materials in 2011; Set up Jiangsu Easpring Material Technology Co., Ltd in 2012, it’s focus on develop the new-type of high-end lithium power new energy materials to become the forefront of the domestic power lithium battery cathode material suppliers; M&A Beijing Zodngoc Automation Technology Co., Ltd in April 2015, and enter the automation equipment field.
Easpring has been the technological innovation and new product development as the core of the development strategy of the company ,it has been rated as "Beijing Municipal Enterprise Technology Center", "Beijing lib cathode materials engineering technology research center," National technology innovation model enterprise ". A number of products the company technology reached the leading domestic and international advanced level, and awarded the title of "National key new product", and apply the 90 patents successively. Also we has a number of proprietary technologies. 2011 was named "Beijing Patent Demonstration Unit". 2012, there are three system to obtain certification - "environmental management system", "occupational health and safety management system" and "quality management system”,continuously and effectively function .
Easpring always adhere to the customer oriented, independent research and development to drive, advanced quality management as the basis, the establishment of sales channels and brand advantages, to build an efficient and reliable upstream raw material supply chain, to achieve and on and downstream partners, a win-win situation. With the implementation of the company strategic planning, the company will accelerate industry mergers and acquisitions, to further promote the integration of industrial chain, to achieve the development of the company's diversification in the lithium industry chain, continuously improve the enterprise innovation ability and comprehensive competition ability, occupy the highest end of the industrial chain of new energy materials, and has always been committed to contribute to the world so as to more advanced green new energy materials, human create a better life!

The supreme goal

Construct first-class enterprise industriously, contribute to the era of ecological civilization continuously.

Basic goal

People oriented & become the place of employee to realize ideals.

Management idea

Pragmatism, Integrity , Diligence ,Innovation.

Code of conducts

Slow of speech,Quick in action; Prudentto talk, Diligent to think; Prosaic in the form, Skilled in technology

Talent idea

  • Pay attention to people’s morality and use their talents.
  • Everyone tries his bestin his own post.
  • Each item is in its own postplayingits own function.

Management policy

  • Create green materials with technology.
  • Achieve customer value with quality
  • Ensure safety development with responsibility.