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Successful conclusion of the 2016 session of campus recruitment interviews

During October to November,2015,  Easpring Human Resources Department of the organization carried out the eight domestic university campus and graduate recruitment, and carried out the final interviews on November 28 and 29 at the headquarter of the company. Candidate graduates who have successfully passed the written examination, the preliminary examination, professional interview and retest layers of screening and, ultimately, to participate in the final interview qualifications. Final interviews were hosted by the interview group composed of the board of director, general manager Li Jianzhong, deputy general manager Chen Yanbin, operational director Chen Xiangyu, human resources manager Dai Huiyu, which was the final selection of this batch of outstanding graduates.

In order to pick out the most suitable talents for company, human resources department designed a scientific and reasonable interview questions, and   careful arrangement. Mr. Li also attached great importance to the interview and directly involved in the management of each link in the process of the interview as the interviewer, together with a detailed understanding for each and every graduate, reflecting Easpring’s management team’s high attention to talents.
      Employment is a threshold and an important turning point in life for every graduates, most of them will feel confused about the prospects of the company and their own development space with uncertain factors. In order to enable graduates to more fully understand the humane environment of Easpring, human resources department specially arranged graduates to visit the headquarter of Easpring's largest shareholder Beijing General Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and R & D center, so that they could have more intuitive, more in-depth understanding of the company, which enabled them to make the most rational choice at the start of his career.

      The campus recruitment activities received a good social effect by showing the company's development process, status, enterprise culture. Elder sisters and brothers shared their development experiences in Easpring, guiding the growth road in the company. These activities has played a positive role for the company's talent introduction and reserve