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“High density high voltage lithium cobalt oxides" won the " Beijing new product certificate"

In December 2015, after co-organized review by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Development and Reform Commission, Economy and Information Technology Commission, Housing and Construction committee, Quality Supervision Bureau and Zhongguancun CMC, the second batch of Beijing new technology new product results were officially announced as for this year. After rigorous review, Easpring’s product of "high density high voltage cobalt acid lithium cathode materials of lithium ion batteries" won the "Beijing new product" certificate, which was the second time for this laurel in this year.
      High density and high voltage positive electrode of lithium cobalt oxide material is the upgraded model of high-density lithium cobalt oxide. By introducing efficient combination modification technology, material’s structure stability and security are improved under high voltage, and its discharge capacity is greater than 165mAh/g and compaction density reaches 4.2 g/cm3, together with merits like high capacity density, long cycle life etc., which meets the demand of intelligent mobile terminal products for high energy density cathode materials. At present, the product has been achieved mass sales, and has been widely used in the field of smart phones, tablet PCs, mobile intelligent terminals, and thanks to the technical quality advantage it has quickly been entered into the high-end market, breaking few foreign companies’ long-term monopoly over the series products in the field of technologies, and enhancing the international competitiveness of domestic materials.

      Easpring has won the certificate identification about the high density high voltage cobalt acid lithium of Beijing new products, which fully embodies our strength in product development, technology innovation and marketing, and this could also stimulate the company R&D team to work more
assiduously, aggressive increasingly, innovative continuously to develop new products with more high technological contents and good market prospects.