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Easpring sent warmth to employees

On January 30, 2016, in order to warm more workers who have difficulties in life and help them to have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival, the vice-president of BGRIMM Xiong Daiyu, the director and general manager of Easpring Mr. Li Jianzhong, the deputy general manager Mr. Zhu Chaoping  and committee members of labor union inspected the Yanjiao plant,  expressing condole to the employees who have difficulties in life.

The visiting delegation came to workshop first to know about the working environment and the production status of current grass-roots employees. They gave condolence and festival greetings to employees held fast to their posts, checked the production safety and the production scheduling during the Spring Festival , also they put the requirement about the safety and quality during the holiday.

At the symposium, the general manager Mr. Li Jianzhong highly appreciated the achievements of production system in 2015. He expressed that Easpring couldn’t be separated from the staff's efforts and supports and the pay out will be rewarded. The company would not forget you when the staff have difficulties. Everyone was moved when the general manager Mr.present of Li send the consolation money to them. Each of them said they would work hard and contribute to the development of the company.

The vice general manager Mr. Zhu expressed thanks for the leaders, and reiterated the concept of “quality in their hands, safety in their hearts”. Hope all the backbones of production next year would take the lead, put the quality and safety in mind constantly, and strive for better results in 2016 for Easpring!