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Surpass the Dream, Get the Next Brilliant Future

      Gone with the fruitful 2015, and the hopeful 2016 is coming. On February 2, 2016, manufacturing center held a New Year tea party in Yanjiao branch. The general manager, vice general manager and chairman of labor union and all staffs in manufacturing lines get together to share the happiness.
     In the activity, general manager Mr. Li not only gave a full approval in 2015, but also put forward the production of strategic planning and sales targets in 2016, together with new year greetings. Vice general manager Ms. Qu said the labor union had provided a more comfortable and convenient working environment by building bicycle sheds, providing functional staff wardrobes etc. in 2015. The union would work for workers’ welfare in the following years continuously. Then, vice general manager Mr. Zhu announced the winning team in 2015 manufacturing center and winning list with awards. Employees’ excellent representatives from manufacturing system, workshop directors and workers at the production lines made speeches, summarized performances in 2015 and directions for work in 2016.
     In order to active the atmosphere, an exciting sweepstakes link was set in the tea party in a worm and joyful atmosphere. The party ended with a warm atmosphere and delicious lunch successfully. All the staff raised their glasses to the New Year Celebration, wishing the company's brilliant tomorrow together.
     In 2015, Easpring has handed over a perfect answer sheet, and its step will not be ceased. In 2016, Easpring will serve customers with better quality products, surpass the dream and get the next brilliant future