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BMW Surveyed Easpring, Jiangsu branc

      On April 14, 2016, BMW power battery expert Sung-Jin Kim, procurement and supplier network development Dr. Dennis Schunemann visited Easpring, Jiangsu branch, evaluated the company as a supplier and communicated with technologies. The vice S&T general manager Mr. Chen Yanbin, vice general manager Mr. Huang Yuehua from Hunan shinzoom Technology Co., Ltd. and R&D team and marketing team met the visiting guests.
     This was the third time of BMW to visit Easpring after two times in 2015. Both sides communicated deeply about the future technology of anode material. Mr. Chen Yanbin introduced the development history, technology advantage and the advanced production equipment and quality management system. Dr. Sung-Jin Kim introduced the latest research progress of power battery and material technology in details. They reached a consensus about the future development trend of the power battery and the anode material, and discussed the cooperation about leading edge material of the power battery in the future.
     After the meeting, Dr. Sung-Jin Kim visited the internationally advanced automatic production line, with production process technology and the refined quality management. He gave a high evaluation about the advanced automatic production line and quality control of the site.
     Easpring was listed in the supplier list of BMW and got the evaluation which reflected the company's solid leading R&D strength, advanced process and equipment level, which laid a solid foundation for the future cooperation with BMW in power battery.