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Review Pledges, Strengthen Conviction; Do not Forget the Beginning of the Heart,

to Continue to Move Forward

     To memorize the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Easpring held a commemorative activity in the 11th floor of the headquarter’s meeting room on July 1, 2016. Easpring’s general party branch secretary, director, general manager Mr. Li Jianzhong and more than thirty communist party members participated in the event. Besides, R&D Branch attended the collective commemorative activity in the third Dept. Of BGRIMM and Yanjiao Factory Branch attended the event by synchronous video.
      We watched the live broadcast of celebration event which was held in the Great Hall of the People, listened Mr. Xi, the general secretary's important speech. Under the guidance of Ms. Qu Xiaoli, deputy secretary of Party general branch and vice general manager of Easpring, facing sacred, red Party Flag, party members reviewed the oath of joining the Party, "I volunteer to join the communist party of China.......". This oath was as short as eighty characters, but it seemingly recalled people to the age of revolutionary martyrs fighting bravely around the cannon rumbling, together with resounding holy, glory, dream and duty for ages in each mind.

      As a glorious communist party member, we must have a firm faith in mind and we should firmly establish the purposes of serving the people, and do not wait, not hesitate and not delay, to do each and every work solidly and play an exemplary role in daily work, moving on without forgetting the beginning of the hearts and moving forward continuously. We should seize the great opportunity of the boom of lithium ion electricity industry, and should give unremitting efforts to make Easpring a public company with technological innovation, excellent performance, standard governance and achieving shareholder retributions.